We got to the SUNY Oswego campus at 8:00 am. Me and Trevonee met my friend Jah’neka she goes to Oswego. We had to wait for another bus to get to her dorm. So many busses lol. By the time, we were settled it was 8:36 and I was exhausted.








Luckily for us, we came to Oswego on a good weekend because it was there last day of classes. For the day that had something going on called OzFest. It was so fun.

A couple hours later we were on the way to see A boogie!

Before we left for the concert, I was just getting a few snaps in LOL.

Before A Boogie came out , the TURNUP!



Oswego Part 1

On Thursday May 4th,2017, Trevonee and I left to go to SUNY Oswego. The reasons for our travels was to go to an A Boogie concert. In total it was 8 hour trip. We left after work and caught the 12:35 am bus from Port Authority. On the way to Oswego the bus made a few stops:


The first stop the bus made was in Binghamton, New York. The travel to Binghamton took about 2 hours.

The next stop the bus made was in Cortland, New York. The travel to Cortland took about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The next stop we made was in Syracuse. The travel to Syracuse was about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Gladly for me us this was our stop after a long 5 hour bus ride. We got Syracuse around 5:40 am. Sadly, we had to get on another bus called the Cento bus. The Cento bus took us from Syracuse to SUNY Oswego.

Waiting for the 6:40 am bus to SUNY Oswego!