Spring Break !!

Its about to be SPRINGG BREAKK and I couldn’t be more happy! Honestly, I need a break from school. Luckily, for Spring Break I’m going to Miami for four days and I couldn’t be more exciteddd!!! When I get to Florida I just want to have fun and not think bout school or New York. I’m so exhausted lol.  A vacation from home is always good and something it’s really needed. Sometimes school can be very stressful and I’m happy that I can relax for a week.  I hope everybody has a fun and safe Spring Break


To me this is a very special Picture. this picture is filled with so much hard work and effort, and most important a wonderful friendship. we went to a school called fulton-montgomery community college and boy did we have the time of our lives! so many memories i don’t even know where to begin. there has been so many nights where we both wanted to give up, pack our bags and go back home. but whats the fun in that lol? you gotta be up for any challenge that’s put in front of you! and at this time the biggest challenge at that time was making it to graduation but any means! and we that, and i couldn’t be more proud of meself.