This time Gina and I went to Amazura were we met a couple of other friends. I’m not going to lie this night was so fun and Amazura was amazing! The music was good and it seemed like everybody was having a good time. The reason I named this video “Ayeeeee” is because Gina is in the back of the video “getting crazy” meaning she’s dancing lol. To be honest, I didn’t always like partying until this year. You gotta live YOUNG, WILD, and FREE!

I love basketball

This was my first year playing basketball at York College and I can truly say I don’t really like the basketball system that they have. I came from a school upstate called Fulton-Montgomery Community College and I miss it dearly. I feel as if playing basketball upstate is way better the basketball in CUNY. Even the competition upstate has a better variety of girls. But, being that this was my first year playing York Basketball I accepted it for what is was. Some games were better than others, just like some days. I played my hardest at all times and the bet effort I can give. But sometimes I felt as if my team just didn’t have my back. By the way, I’m the GOAT !

” We got APES all on us “

This day was pretty dope! Me and a couple friends went to Stony Brook University to visit another friend. While we was there all of us went to a party. The party wasn’t really a lot of fun, but I still enjoyed myself because I was with friends. The story to this GIF is that me and Trev was making a video on Snapchat to a song by Migos called T-Shirt and I’m rubbing my shirts saying “we got apes all on us”.